Vehicle Service Facility Design Build



Our extensive range of vehicle service facility design/build services deliver results that are cost-effective, innovative and stress-free.  When you partner with Autotasc, you gain the benefit of working with one company that handles every step of the process - from consultation and design to build and installation.  At every step in the process you can expect a high level of service and support. Our ability for open and clear communication with all involved parties, including contractors, architects, engineers and equipment installers, means that all you need to do is focus on running your business.  We will even provide equipment training for your technicians and offer equipment system inspections and maintenance management when your service facility is up and running. 




At Autotasc, we offer design consulting services for new vehicle service facilities that draw on  our deep expertise and understanding of optimal vehicle service facility workflows.  The challenge in designing a new facility is to integrate equipment layout with building design from the earliest stage to achieve maximum operating efficiency, and to communicate these needs to the architects working on the project.  We work with customers and general contractors to develop drawings that maximize productivity




Our facility design services and project management process bridge the gap between architects, engineers, builders, and your real world facility operations. Our goal is to ensure that facility construction or renovation takes into account every detail of building and equipment layout for maximum functionality during every stage of your facility’s life cycle. The value of our turn-key approach lies in our ability to follow a streamlined three-stage project management process.  Working within this tried-and-true framework keeps your project on track for a successful completion.



During the design process, we task our design team with developing a design layout that meets all of your requirements. Upon approval, we create the final drawings required for locality approval of your project. If an engineer stamp is required, we will also arrange that service.


During the build stage of the project, we take on the role of general contractor. Our process management services focus on tendering equipment, construction scheduling, professional installation and quality control management.


In the operate stage, we prepare for a successful hand-off to our customer. This includes equipment system inspection and commissioning, operator training, facility and evaluation, along with on-going maintenance management.


Product SOURCING & aftermarket Services


At Autotasc, we stay on top of industry trends to be able to provide the best equipment solutions for your new or upgraded vehicle service facility.  With our deep understanding of the specialized equipment required for a productive and efficient vehicle service facility, we procure equipment that is tailored to our clients’ specific facility requirements - from lifting devices, bulk fluid systems and high pressure wash systems to compressed air, fume and exhaust extraction system and storage solutions.

Even when your new vehicle service facility is up and running, our work at Autotasc isn’t over.  Our after market services include managing equipment warranties, providing on-going maintenance management and offering operator training.